Our Team  
Back in 2009, several companies had approached Ricardo Garcia with their challenges in audio related problems. Some of them were simple signal processing projects, but most of them required some sort of esoteric and creative  engineering solution. After a handful of these projects were successfully completed, Base 10 Labs was born, offering consulting services for signal processing, audio and engineering designs.
Science and artistry in audio innovation

A strong background on creating low bitrate audio codecs (think MP3 technology) where the subjective aspect of their solution requires equal engineering and artistic sensibilities is still evident in our project approach.

In 2011 Base 10 Labs started licensing their cross platform SDK for signal processing to some of their clients, and later ported and expanded this framework to the iOS development environment.

About our Team:

Our core team includes graduates from MIT Media Lab and University of Miami, and a former genetics researcher from Harvard University. Individual projects often times receive help from our vast network of resources in the digital signal processing and health technology communities.



Ricardo A. Garcia (rago)
Ricardo Garcia RAGO

Ricardo A. Garcia is originally from Colombia, South America, where he first experimented with audio algorithms in 1992 through his electronic music band "Señal Nocturna".

In 1996, Ricardo graduated from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin earning his undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering. His graduate degrees include a MS in Music Engineering Technology from University of Miami in 1999, and a second MS in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT Media Lab in 2001.

Later he worked as an Audio Scientist with Groove Mobile (formerly Chaoticom) designing algorithms for music distribution on mobile devices. He was also a Senior Software Engineer with Young Chang R&D Institute (Kurzweil Music Systems) working with their PC3 workstation products.

Ricardo has published research in topics such as: Audio watermarking using psychoacoustics and spread spectrum, automatic generation of sound synthesis algorithms using evolutionary methods, high resolution analysis and modeling of signals, multichannel media modeling, high resolution psychoacoustic models, low-bitrate audio and video compression, music recommendation systems, music information retrieval systems and online music-centric communities.

Ricardo is also passionate about photography, you can find some of his pictures and other interests at ragomusic.com  or follow him @ragomusic